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Cultural Heritages

· World Heritage

Wujiang, with a long history and propitious location, is rich in historical and cultural relics, three of which have been listed in the World Cultural Heritage List: the Tuisi Garden (the Retreat & Reflection Garden) in Tongli ancient town, the Wujiang section of the Grand Canal and the ancient towpath, and Song brocade.

· Intangible cultural heritage

Wujiang boasts a profound folk culture. Many of its folk dances, operas and ballads, and traditional arts and crafts have been listed as intangible cultural heritages at all levels. Luxu folk songs, Tongli Xuanjuan (an art form combining singing and storytelling) and Qidu puppet Kunqu opera are art forms typical of water towns. Panglong cake, Min cake, malt pancake, smoke-dried green soybean tea and Zhenze dark dried bean curd are famous snacks offering a special taste of local culture. Qingyun wooden comb making, Tongli paper-cutting and Taoyuan model ship building are crafts well known at home and abroad.

  • Qingyun Wooden Comb Making

    Qingyun Wooden Comb Making

    Qingyun wooden comb boasts a one-hundred-year history, originated from villages such as Fanxiang and Taodun in Qingyun.

  • Shengze Panlong Cake Making

    Shengze Panlong Cake Making

    Panlong cake (a pastry appearing like a coiled dragon) is also called curled-up dragon cake because of its shape. Traditional Panlong cake is made in the pattern of three circles.

  • Wujiang Peasant Painting

    Wujiang Peasant Painting

    As one of popular painting arts, peasant painting was originated from rural areas, most works of which are paintings or prints created by peasants for self-appreciation.

  • Smoke-dried Green Soybean Tea Making

    Smoke-dried Green Soybean Tea Making

    Qidu town and Zhenze town have a long history of making smoke-dried green soybean tea. Drinking this kind of tea has also become a local custom.

  • Zhenze Dried Dark Bean Curd Making

    Zhenze Dried Dark Bean Curd Making

    Dried dark bean curd, a special local product of Zhenze, has a history of over three hundred years, which has been well-known all around Wu region since the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1796). It is said that the Emperor Qianlon...

  • Customs of Sericulture

    Customs of Sericulture

    Wujiang is a significant region of mulberry sericulture in China with a history of silkworm breeding of over five thousand years.

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