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Famous Historical Figures

Throughout the ages, Wujiang area has been home to many distinguished cultures and talents. In the over 2000 years from the Spring and Autumn period to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, celebrated historical figures emerged here. It id evidenced that there were over 140 historical figures who were natives of Wujiang or has been living here, among which are Fan Li in the Spring and Autumn period, Cifu (a literary form, sentimental or descriptive composition, often rhymed) writers Yan Ji and Yan Zhu (Yan Ji’s son) in the Western Han Dynasty, littérateur Zhang Han in the Western Jin Dynasty, Chinese linguist and painter Gu Yewang in the Southern Dynasty, littérateur Lu Guimeng in the Tang Dynasty, two imperial scholars named respectively Xie Tao and Xie Jingchu in the Song Dynasty, representative of Wujiang School of Kunqu Opera named Shen Jing in the Ming Dynasty, landscape architect Ji Cheng, optical instrument expert Sun Yunqiu, astronomer Wang Xichan, littérateur Wu Zhaoqian, famous doctor Xu Dachun in the Song Dynasty, etc. Its is also home to outstanding figures in the modern times including master of Chinese culture named Jin Songcen, an influential figure Chen Qubing in the Revolution of 1911, patriotic poet Liu Yazi, martyr Zhang Yingchun and sociologist Fei Xiaotong.

  • Yang Jiachi

    Yang Jiachi

    Yang Jiachi, born in Zhenze, Wujiang, was an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of International Academy of Astronautics and awardee of the “Two Bombs and One Satellite Meritorious Award”.

  • Yang Chengzong

    Yang Chengzong

    Yang Chengzong (1911~2011), born in Bache, Wujiang, was a scientist, educator, the pioneer of Chinese radiochemistry and deputy of the Third to Seventh National People's Congress.

  • Fei Xiaotong

    Fei Xiaotong

    Fei Xiaotong (1910~2005), born in Songling, Wujiang, was a famous sociologist, anthropologist, ethnologist, and social activist. Fei studied pre-med at Soochow University and sociology at Yenching University in his early years; then he studied at the...

  • Ni Zhengyu

    Ni Zhengyu

    Ni Zhengyu (1906-2003), born in Lili, Wujiang, was an distinguished jurist and the first Chines judge of the International Court of Justice.

  • Liu Yazi

    Liu Yazi

    Liu Yazi (1887-1958), born in Lili, Wujiang, was a patriot, democratic revolutionist, noted poet, social activist and one of the founders of the Southern Society of modern China.

  • Chen Qubing

    Chen Qubing

    Chen Qubing (1874-1933), born in Tongli Wujiang, was a well-known modern poet, influential man in the Revolution of 1911 and one of the founders of the Southern Society.

  • Shi Zejing

    Shi Zejing

    Shi Zejing (1855-1924), born in Zhenze, Wujiang, pseudonym Ziying, was one of the founders of Chinese Red Cross. He ranked ninth in the imperial exam at the provincial level in 1875, the first year of the Guangxu reign.

  • Xu Dachun

    Xu Dachun

    Xu Dachun (1693-1771), born in the Songling, courtesy name Lingtai and pseudonym Huixi Taoist in his old age, was a famous medical scientist of the Qing Dynasty.

  • Wu Zhaoqian

    Wu Zhaoqian

    Wu Zhaoqian (1631-1684), born in Songling, Wujiang, courtesy name Hancha, was a littérateur in the Qing dynasty.

  • Sun Yunqiu

    Sun Yunqiu

    Sun Yunqiu (1630-1662), born in Qidu, Wujiangt, courtesy name Wenyu or Sibin, was a well-known optical instrument creator in the late Ming Dynasty and the early Qing.

  • Wang Xichan

    Wang Xichan

    Wang Xichan (1628-1682), born in Zhenze, Wujiang, courtesy name Yinxu and pseudonym Xiao’an, was a prominent astronomer in the late Ming Dynasty and the early Qing.

  • Ye Xie

    Ye Xie

    Ye Xie (1627-1703) was a famous poet and poetry theorist in the early Qing Dynasty. He was born in Beishe, Wujiang and known as the Gentleman Hengshan, with a courtesy name Xingqi and pseudonym Yiqi.

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