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Coordination meeting held to promote construction of key projects

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In order to implement the spirit of the recently concluded mobilization conference on promoting a new round of high-quality development, the CPC Wujiang District Committee and the district government held a coordination meeting at the Wujiang District Convention Center on Nov. 16 to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the construction of the key projects. Li Ming, deputy Party secretary and head of Wujiang district, presided over the meeting, which was attended by district leaders Wang Yibing, Li Weizhen, Zhu Jianwen and Qi Zhenyu as well as persons in charge of relevant departments.

Li Ming started the meeting by demanding that the discussion should focus on how to resolve knotty problems by drawing upon all useful opinions. Then the township leaders and persons in charge of the projects gave reports on the most pressing problems faced by the Shengze gas turbine cogeneration project, the Sishon biofiber yarn project, the Greenland headquarters building project and the Karen Building Materials project.

The leaders of functional departments including the development and reform commission, the natural resources and planning bureau, the housing and urban-rural development bureau, and the administrative examination and approval bureau addressed the concerns. After a heated discussion, the attendees came up with solutions to some of the reported problems and formulated plans to resolve those which could not be solved on the spot within the time limit.

At the meeting, Li Ming listened carefully to the reports and joined the discussion. He asked relevant departments to work harder to explore innovative measures to facilitate the construction of the key projects. Leaders of relevant departments promised to provide on-site services to those projects with time constrains.

Top priority should be given to advancing the construction of key projects, said Li Ming. He stressed efforts to make careful analyses of the problems and find targeted countermeasures. The district Party committee and the district government will go all out to assist the solution of the problems and ensure that the projects will be completed on schedule with high quality.

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