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Wujiang District breaks ground for Soochow University Future Campus

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Education is the foundation of national development in the long run. The groundbreaking ceremony of Soochow University Future Campus was held on the morning of Nov. 28. Wujiang District has pushed the fast-forward button on promoting the development of higher education.

Officials lift ceremonial shovels and break ground for Soochow University Future Campus.

Wang Yang, vice mayor of Suzhou City, Jiang Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of Soochow University, and district leaders Wang Qinghua, Li Ming, Liu Wei, Tang Weiming and Zhang Binggao attended the ceremony.


     Wang Yang, vice mayor of Suzhou City, addresses the groundbreaking ceremony.

Soochow University Future Campus lies west of National Highway 524 (formerly Provincial Highway 227), east of Chang’an Road, and north of Shenqi Road. It is next to the Shengdi Ecological Park and the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal. The planned total area of school buildings reaches 400,000 square meters, with Phase I covering 114,000 square meters. Student enrollment will begin in 2021 when the construction of the complex building is completed. The whole project is expected to be completed and put into operation in May 2023. The campus will have no less than 6,000 undergraduates (2,000 in Phase I), with about 30% being international students, and 750 faculty members (250 in Phase I).

  Wang Qinghua, secretary of the CPC Wujiang District Committee, delivers a speech at the ceremony.

Wang Qinghua, secretary of the CPC Wujiang District Committee, said in his speech that in recent years, Wujiang has always given priority to the development of education. It has been increasing investment in education and optimizing the layout of schools. The district has achieved great progress in the development of all forms of education at all levels. Local authorities have made concerted efforts with schools in optimizing the allocation of educational resources, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and increasing economic quality and efficiency.

Wang Qinghua pointed out that Wujiang is facing new strategic opportunities for being at the forefront of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. The district, which is working hard to build itself into an innovative lake area with a livable ecology, has an increasing demand for talents and first-class institutions of higher learning. The construction of Soochow University Future Campus will help Wujiang integrate high-quality educational resources and attract high-level innovative talents, which will serve as a booster for the district’s high-quality development and contribute to the Double Tops construction of Soochow University as well.

Wang hoped that Soochow University would grasp the opportunities of the times, play an active role in the construction of the demonstration zone for ecological green development in the Yangtze River Delta region, and seek breakthroughs in introducing high-quality educational resources from overseas, cultivating high-end talents, and accelerating scientific and technological innovation. He promised that Wujiang will provide first-class services and do its best to help advance the construction of an intelligent campus. The district will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation and collaborative development with Soochow University.

Jiang Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of Soochow University, introduces the project.

Jiang Yong introduced that Soochow University Future Campus will be an important base for talent cultivation, scientific research and industry incubation. It will serve as a test bed for the reform of higher education system and will help the university to build itself into a world-class university with first-class disciplines. The new campus will consist of schools specializing in big data and artificial intelligence, new engineering, life sciences, new textiles, cultural construction and social governance, as well as scientific research institutes and creation centers. It will focus on the development of art and engineering disciplines and will raise the efficiency of commercialization of innovation and research outcomes so as to meet the needs of the district’s industrial development and provide a new engine of scientific and technological innovation for local development.

 Li Ming, deputy Party secretary and head of Wujiang district, presides over the ceremony.

When it is completed, the new campus will be a comprehensive education park focusing on talent training and frontier research, which will also serve the development of emerging industries in the region and provide a good living and working environment for high-end talents.


Effect picture of Soochow University Future Campus

It is believed that backed by Soochow University Future Campus, Wujiang District will have a bigger talent pool to meet the needs of the development of its Taihu New Town.


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