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Wujiang making all-out efforts to curb spread of novel coronavirus

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On the morning of Jan. 22, the Wujiang District People’s Government held a work meeting, urging resolute efforts to contain the spread of pneumonia cases caused by a new strain of coronavirus. The meeting briefed the district’s relevant arrangements and the next steps to be taken. District leaders Li Ming and Tang Weiming attended the meeting.

After the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Wujiang District has given top priority to the prevention and control of the disease. According to the requirements of the national, provincial and municipal authorities, the district has made adequate preparations for prevention and control of the contagion.

 On Jan. 20, the District Health Commission issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in Preventing and Controlling Pneumonia Caused by the New Strain of Coronavirus in the Whole District and formulated the plan to prevent the contagion from spreading. It has set up a leading group and an expert panel for the prevention and control work and designated a hospital to accept cases of novel coronavirus infections.

At the meeting held on Jan. 20, the commission required all medical and health units to conscientiously implement the decisions and deployments of the national, provincial and municipal authorities. Great efforts should be made to strengthen the organization and coordination in the prevention and control work, implement a strict division of responsibilities, improve emergency plans, enhance emergency preparedness, and effectively implement the prevention and control measures so as to ensure public health and safety.

Four epidemic prevention experts, including a member of the provincial expert group, have been invited to conduct training for a total of 136 medical personnel. Medical institutions have been required to train the staff of their fever (emergency) clinics, respiratory departments and infectious diseases departments, focusing on the standardized procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and on the prevention and control of nosocomial infection.

In addition, all medical institutions in the district should strengthen pre-checking and triage, set up fever clinics, effectively prevent nosocomial infection and adopt the responsibility system of the first attending doctor. Suzhou No. 9 People’s Hospital has been designated as the hospital to receive patients infected with the novel coronavirus, who will be put in isolation and treated timely and carefully by medical experts.

Wujiang District has adequate emergency reserves. Protective items like protective clothing, N95 masks, goggles and disposable face shields have been distributed to all the medical units of the district.

During the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, the district’s administrative departments for public health, disease prevention and control agencies, health supervising departments and hospitals will set up leading groups for the prevention and control of the disease. Related departments of the medical institutions, including respiratory departments, ICUs, radiology departments, clinical laboratories and departments of nosocomial infection management, will be manned during the holiday. Clinical experts will take turns working around the clock until Feb. 20, with 4 experts in each shift.

The District Prevention and Control Headquarters will be soon set up to provide unified leadership over the districtwide prevention and control. The leading groups and various working groups will regularly discuss and determine the epidemic situation, and coordinate the epidemic prevention and control in the district health system, so as to ensure early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment.

A series of measures for disease prevention and control have been implemented and they are as follows:

First, strengthen the ventilation and environmental disinfection in crowded places like bus and metro stations. The long-distance bus stations will begin screening passengers for fever symptoms to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

Second, suspend unnecessary large-scale public activities during the Spring Festival holiday.

Third, strengthen the management of farmer’s markets and street vendors, ban live poultry trading and crack down on illegal sales of wild animals.

Fourth, make extensive efforts to publicize information on the disease control and prevention, enhance public awareness and ability of self-protection, and carry out extensive patriotic health campaigns in winter and spring.

Fifth, prepare places for centralized medical observation in case of need.

Sixth, allocate special funds to support the prevention and control work and ensure ample reserves of emergency supplies, medical equipments and drugs.

At the same time, various medical institutions at all levels should do a good job in pre-screening and triage, preventing infection within hospitals and strictly following the procedures for the observation, transferring, diagnosis and treatment of fever patients. Great efforts should be made to strengthen the diagnosis of patients suffering from pneumonia, better understand the epidemic situation, standardize the reporting procedures for cases, and ensure early detection, early diagnosis, early reporting and early treatment. The seriously ill patients will be given intensive treatment, thus minimizing mortality.

On the morning of Jan. 22, the district health commission organized experts to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

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