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City leaders inspect rural environment improvement in Wujiang

TIME : 2020-06-17    CLICK :

On the afternoon of June 12, Chen Zhenyi, director of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal People’s Congress, and deputy directors Wang Hongsheng, Ye Zhaowei, Shen Guofang and Miao Hongmei came to Wujiang District to inspect the rural living environment improvement and the construction of beautiful villages. Jiang Laiqing, vice mayor of Suzhou and district leaders Li Ming, Xu Xiaofeng, Wang Yue and Tang Weiming participated in the inspection.

The inspection team first paid a visit to Xiejialu, a natural village in Zhong’anqiao Village, Zhenze Town. The infrastructure and environment of Xiajialu, which was designated as a pilot village for the “protection and development of characteristic villages” project of Jiangsu Province, have significantly improved over the past few years. And it has made a great success in rural tourism development and industrial integration. Chen Zhenyi was happy to see that the village has taken on a new look and has become an ideal place for living, working and travelling.

Later, the team visited Kaixiangong Village in Qidu Town. Taking full advantage of its natural and cultural resources, the village has been working hard to develop characteristic industries and enhance the influence of the “China·Water Villages” brand. The members of the inspection team full affirmed the effective measures it has taken to implement the rural revitalization strategy.

At the subsequent symposium, Chen Zhenyi listened to the reports made by the municipal and district governments and the opinions and suggestions proposed by the members of the inspection team on the beautiful countryside construction. He emphasized that the rural living environment improvement and the construction of beautiful villages are not only a systematic project and a long-term task, but also an important project concerning people’s livelihood. According to its three-year plan of action, Suzhou will basically complete the tasks of the rural living environment improvement by the end of 2020.

In his speech, Chen Zhenyi stressed the importance of rural revitalization in securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the need to unify thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and provincial and municipal Party committees. He underscored systematic, unified and coordinated action in promoting the beautiful countryside construction in a scientific and orderly manner, so as to speed up integrated urban and rural development. All localities and departments must make plans in advance, build a long-term management mechanism and fully implement the system of responsibility and accountability. The beautiful countryside construction will be incorporated into the 14th five-year plan of Suzhou, which will ramp up efforts to promote rural revitalization and realize the target of achieving the basic modernization of agriculture and rural areas by 2020.

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