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Wang Guorong inspects FOHO High-tech Zone

TIME : 2020-06-24    CLICK :

On June 22, Wang Guorong, deputy secretary of the CPC Wujiang District Committee and secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the district government, led persons in charge of the development and reform commission, the natural resources and planning bureau, and the water affairs bureau to inspect FOHO High-tech Zone (Lili Town). Wang Guorong emphasized that the high-tech zone must seize the opportunities brought by the national strategy of promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region and work harder to promote its high-quality development to a new level.

The team first inspected the Innoscience Semiconductor Industrialization Project and learned in detail about the project progress and the market prospect of the products. Local authorities have taken the initiative to provide the enterprise with the needed services to help accelerate the construction of the project. “When will the factory be put into production?” “What advantages does your production line have?” “How much will your annual sales be after full production?” Wang Guorong talked cordially with persons in charge of the project and was happy to learn that the construction of the main plant has been completed and the project is scheduled to start trial production at the end of 2020. He urged Innoscience to race against time to achieve early production and encouraged it to give full play to its advantages and achieve win-win development with Wujiang District.

Later, Wang Guorong and others paid a visit to Canny Elevator Co., Ltd. As a leading manufacturer of elevators of national brand, Canny has led the domestic market in sales for many consecutive years. It ranks first among national brands in terms of brand value and is the first Chinese national brand entering the List of “Global Elevator Manufacturer Top 10”. Wang Guorong learned in detail about the operation of the enterprise and had an in-depth exchange of views with the corporate executives about the prospect of the elevator industry and the improvement in product quality and efficiency. During the inspection, he emphasized the responsibility of local authorities and relevant departments to know more about the development of local enterprises, help them solve difficulties and provide businesses with high-quality, efficient and convenient services.

At the subsequent symposium, Wang Guorong said that he chose FOHO High-tech Zone as the first destination of his inspection tour after taking his new post as deputy secretary of the district Party committee. He requested all localities and departments to fully appreciate the significance of the high-quality integrated development, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, and make coordinated efforts to advance various tasks of implementing the national strategy.

FOHO High-tech Zone must attach importance to improving the overall planning and optimizing the spatial layout, Wang Guorong said, calling for all-out efforts to ensure that the set targets and tasks are fulfilled as scheduled. He encouraged the high-tech zone to establish provincial and national platforms to attract more high-tech enterprises. He stressed the need to build up a team of high-quality cadres with pragmatic work style, adding that officials should take a problem-oriented, goal-oriented and results-oriented approach to the implementation of the national strategy of promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region and make greater contributions to the building of Wujiang into an innovative lake area with a livable ecology.

Wan Li, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wujiang District Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of FOHO High-tech Zone, participated in the investigation.

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