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Party and government delegation of Anqing’s Daguan District investigates in Wujiang

TIME : 2020-09-18    CLICK :

On the morning of Sept. 15, aParty and government delegation led by Lu Yingping, secretary of the CPC Daguan District Committee of Anqing City, visited Wujiang District for an investigation on high-quality development and institutional innovation. Li Ming, secretary of the CPC Wujiang District Committee,warmly welcomed the delegation and accompanied the investigation. Xu Xiaofeng, director of the Standing Committee of the Wujiang District People’s Congress, also accompanied the guests.

The delegation went to some leading enterprises in Wujiang such as BOZHON, Hengtong and Maxwell to learn more about the good practices of local private enterprises in technological innovation and management reform. The members spoke highly of what private enterprises in Wujiang have done to actively participate in the construction of a new development pattern, strengthen basic R&D and innovation in business models and management, make breakthroughs in common key technologiesthrough independent innovation, extend the industrial chain and upgrade the value chain, and grow bigger and become stronger.

During the investigation, the members of the delegation stated that Daguan District should learn from Wujiangs successful experience indeepening the integration of the Internet, big data, cloud platformsinto its advanced industrial system.

The delegation also paid visits to the East Taihu Lake Ecological Park and the planning exhibition center of the East Taihu Lake Eco-tourism Resort (Taihu New Town).The members were impressed bythe innovative efforts Taihu New Town has made to attract more talents, create a world-class waterfront human settlement and accelerate its transformation to a central area of a metropolitan citywith the integrated development of the city, tourism and industries.

During the investigation, the two parties stated that they will strengthen exchanges of development experienceandcarry out in-depth cooperation to achieve win-win results and make greater contribution to the high-quality integration of the Yangtze River Delta region.

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